Display HTML/JavaScript or any other type of code

With this page you can convert code into a displayable format. You can display code like html, javascript, php, perl, ASCII, or any types of codes. What this tool does is converts script into display form. It easily converts it into ASCII. You just cut and paste it into your page, and you're done!! The benefit of this page is that you can actually display things like

<script type="text/javascript">
document.write('I can display markup now!');

This page is very easy to use. Just enter the text into the textbox on the left, choose to display it using plain ASCII (recommended) or JavaScript.

Munge into plain ASCII (Recommended)
Munge into a Javascript function
Add descriptive comment tag

NOTE: The text munger will encode any text you give it, including any HTML markup you use to format the page. There are two reasons for that. Many people want to be able to display html code, such as the meta tags I discuss in the FAQ. This text munger allows you to do that. But even trying to skip over html markup is impossible, because html markup varies far too greatly from page to page and unfixable bugs are invariably introduced.


  1. Do you recommend the ASCII or JavaScript munger?

    For displaying markup code, I highly recommend just using ASCII. Every browser accepts it, while some browsers have JavaScript turned off. Plus, ASCII works in most forums, while JavaScript works in almost none.

  2. How good is this text munger?

    It works perfectly. A program like this is too simple to mess up.

  3. What is ASCII?

    ASCII (pronounced AS'kee) stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. It's a very standard system that computers use to index every character that your computer can display. ASCII indices are useful because they allow you to display characters not found on your keyboard (like ¢£¤¥§°). Since every browser recognizes the ASCII indexing, you can actually write your entire page using just ASCII codes for every character on your page. To see a table of ASCII codes, click here.

  4. Do you retain a copy of my text?

    No. Besides the huge amount of storage space that would take, I really don't care what code you're displaying. You are free to examine the source code for this site.

  5. Do I have to pay you to use this site?

    No, but Linking to this site is definitley appreciated.

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